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Amphipolis Rose Honey With Gold 22K 150gr

Rosehoney has taken its name from the particular place Rodolivos. Rodolivos is a small village in Amfipoli, which has taken its name from the Greek word «roda», that is to say roses, and «libadi», that is to say meadow or a grass land. Namely, Rodolibos is a place with meadow and roses. This interpretation should not abstain a long from the reality, because of the occupation of residents with the cultivation of rosewood. This is the place, where our own rosefields are. Honoring the tradition of the place, our Company created two products of superior quality, the “Rose Honey” and “Rose Honey with 22k Gold”, products that harmoniously married organoleptic characteristics with healing properties of honey and rose too. The product can be used as an excellent cosmetic. What is very important about these products, is that it is in limited quantity. Amfipolis gold honey is pleased to present you an excellent product with  the fragrance and taste of rose . The rare variety of red rose, the wild flowers of the Greek villages and the outdoor complex and difficult process of maturation within bispecific containers at a specific time and temperature give unique taste and fragrance that travels in an exquisite culinary sensation. Therefore we recommend this excellent luxury experience without or with edible gold 22K with known anti-aging, anti-microbial, moisturizing, and other qualities that brings to the already existing excellent properties of gold ISO 22000 and DUV All packaging complies with all the necessary requirements imposed by European Union directives. Crystallization of pure honey is a natural phenomenon. To crystallize it, place the honey in hot water, avoid the temperature above 37°C (98.6°F) and the use of a microwave oven. phone orders