Herbal migraine tincture

Herbal migraine tincture


It soothes migraines and headaches

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Product Description

Migraine is one kind of headache with multiple symptoms such as nausea, vision problems, and sensitivity to light. It is fact that migraines are increased by environmental factors, high levels of stress, unhealthy food, sleep changes and bold sounds and smells. Migraine natural drops are the ideal way for the body to absorb all the beneficial properties of herbs. Migraine tincture contains tanatseto, passion, lavender and chamomile extracts in alcohol. Passion has really sedative properties and relieves the central and nervous system. Additionally, lavender extract treats nervous headaches and helps you to reduce symptoms of stress and hypertension. Migraine tincture is extremely relaxing and has a pleasant aroma. Also, it contains tanatseto and chamomile extracts that they prevent and treat headache and dizziness. The tincture acts against migraine and relieves the nerves and stress that are caused by headaches.

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