Herbal tea for anxiety-stress

Herbal tea for anxiety-stress


You will feel reallycalm.

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Product Description

Nowadays, many people suffer from stress and they have symptoms such as dizziness, migraines and nerves. Moreover, many mention that they have butterflies in the stomach and do not control their emotions and reactions. The mixes of medical herbs are the best solution to fight the stress and feel calm. This herbal mix contains passion, which is a great herb with many benefits. Passion calms insomnia, stress and anxiety because it has benzoflavone. Furthermore, this substance has anxiolytic activity and treats depressive mood, melancholy and neuralgia. Additionally, lavender has great smell and flavor. It is a relaxing herb, which relieves the mental exhaustion, insomnia and stress, too. The herbal mix for anxiety and stress is effective and you can consume 2-3 cup of tea daily. You will feel really calm and you will relax.

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